Unit4 – in business for people.

Our individual and collective success is driven by our commitment to making things better for everybody that our business affects.

There are three key ways we pursue that goal


How we lead the way forward


How we work and grow together


How we make a real difference


How we develop

Technology innovation is our constant focus

Every year we invite talented teams of Unit4 developers from around the world to the "Crazy Lab Days" event.

This year, the hackathon took place in Granada, Spain.

Their challenge was to develop self-driving software, in just 4 days!

Watch this short video to get a taste of the event and see our inventive teams in action.


Some quotes

Unit4 gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and further my career. Having a challenging job with a wide spectrum of responsibilities – along with the freedom to take decisions – has made me realize what I’m really good at, allowing me to specialize. I’ve built on that knowledge and expertise, benefiting not only myself but also the customers and Unit4.

An employer with social responsibility for communities and its workforce. I enjoy contributing to our business, but what really motivates me is that we also focus on social initiatives that contribute to society.

The word TEAM has an acronym “Together Everyone Achieves More”. This is a very true statement, in my experience we’re all working toward the common goal of bettering the lives of our customers by thoroughly aligning the right technology, software and services needed to support our customers’ goals.

Some life stories

Flying high with
colleagues at Unit4

By Bo Boivie,

Northern Lights –
powered by Unit4

By Esther Silver,
Account Manager (Education)

From Belgium,
with love...

By Diana Anjos,
Analyst Functional Consultant

From Junior Consultant
to Regional Manager

An interview with Jeremias Jansson,
Regional Director, Nordic

From Paris
to Singapore

By Nicolas Nativelle,
Pre-sales Consultant

The experience
of a lifetime!

By Graham Vodden,
Knowledge Manager


What we value

Wholeheartedly investing in the communities we serve and live in

At Unit4, we are committed to the many communities that we are part of all over the world.

Watch this short video to hear from our CEO – Stephan Sieber – how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) underpins everything we do.

Who we support